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The Decision to Become a Surrogate

Posted on: February 4th, 2016 by Robin Corral No Comments

The decision to become a surrogate is one that should never be taken lightly.  It’s quite an undertaking and being a surrogate comes with physical and emotional demands that must be fully understood before beginning this process.

Perhaps the single most important factor to consider first is that in order to be a surrogate you must have already given birth to a child of your own. This is a requirement across the board and without exception. There are several reasons that this requirement is so critical. Without having had children yourself, it’s impossible to prove fertility. Without having had children, how do you know you can successfully have them? This is an expensive process and some couples can only afford the process one time. Another thing to consider is that without already having had children of your own, there is no way to know how you will react to this highly emotional process. Unless you have been through the process before, you cannot predict this. Experience is key.

A successful surrogate needs to meet certain criteria. In addition to having already given birth to at least one child, you must be between the ages of 21 and 40 with a BMI that is height/weight appropriate (BMI should be under 33).

Along with age and weight, other physical factors will come into play such as your medical history. Some of these are governed by the IVF clinics and we must comply. You must be free from all illegal drugs and smoking is not allowed. We even ask that you not be exposed to second hand smoke. You must also be willing to refrain from alcohol during the entire process.

As a potential surrogate we want you to be completely comfortable with the process. So reviewing your agreements with a licensed attorney (at the Intended Parent’s expense) is a critical step because we will expect you to adhere to all your contractual obligations throughout the process.

Finally, make sure you really consider your current personal situation. Have you been in a stable living condition for the last seven years? Do you have the support of your friends and family?

After having read through our complete list of requirements, the first step is to contact us either by phone or email and let us know that you are interested in being matched by our agency. The first thing we will ask you to do is fill out our application which will need to be returned with the required photographs and documentation. Once all of those things are submitted we will proceed with a background check and face to face meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.

The decision to become a surrogate