The Benefits of Professional Support During Surrogacy

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Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most unique and complex experiences a woman can undergo in her lifetime. Bearing this in mind, we are committed to ensuring our surrogates are surrounded by those that can provide them with the empathy and understanding they need to comfortably accommodate the physical and psychological changes in their bodies. In fact, Simple Surrogacy is spearheaded by a number of women who have undergone the surrogacy process themselves and can claim an intimate familiarity with what our current and prospective surrogates are experiencing.

The old saying stressing the need to “walk a mile” in someone’s shoes before you can gain a true understanding of their experiences is one we are committed to transitioning from theory to practice. Each of our surrogates enjoys the 24-hour support of a coordinator that was also once a surrogate. We understand pregnancy brings with it a myriad of emotions, some of which can be overwhelming or even downright negative. In fact, women can experience anything ranging from a sense of anxiety and fatigue, to feelings of joy and excitement.

For these reasons, the need for emotional support during the pregnancy period is crucial. Intended parents can certainly provide a large degree of support, as their relationship with the surrogate mother should involve open and consistent communication. With success, the surrogate mother will feel as if the intended parents are sharing the experience with her every step of the way—from helping her through the rough patches to providing companionship during doctor’s visits.

However, this ideal model of the relationship between surrogate mothers and intended parents, while strongly encouraged, may not always pan out as expected. Hence, the presence of a dedicated coordinator with an intimate understanding of all the ups, downs, and in-betweens surrogate mothers may find themselves facing may be essential for the mental and, by extension, physical well-being of the surrogate mother in question. The benefit that comes with finding a sympathetic ear that is both willing to listen to your trials, and capable of lending a few words of wisdom born of experience when needed is undeniable.

With pregnancy, the ups and downs will always come with the territory regardless of circumstance. With Simple Surrogacy, surrogate mothers and intended parents can both rest assured knowing they will have the support they’ll need every step of the way.

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