Choosing between Egg Donation and Surrogacy

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shutterstock_517994293The decision to donate your eggs, or to become a surrogate mother, is a difficult, but selfless one. Early in the process, it’s natural to be overwhelmed with information. What’s the difference between the two? Which one would be best for you? How do you even begin to make that choice? The first step to choosing between surrogacy and egg donation in Houston is to learn about how the methods differ.

Egg Donation Houston

When you donate an egg, effectively you give your egg to another mother to carry – you will not be pregnant at any point. It starts with a consultation, where you’ll be advised of all of the things egg donation entails. You will undergo a screening process which is an assessment of your physical and mental health. After you’ve passed, you’ll be entered onto a list of potential egg donors.

It may be a while before someone is in contact with you regarding donation. When they do contact you, you will go through a cycle of hormone boosts followed by the retrieval of eggs. You will have to abstain from things like alcohol for the month when you’re preparing to donate, however you will also recover relatively quickly after the donation process is complete.

Surrogacy Houston

If you choose to be a surrogate mother, you will be carrying someone else’s egg. You will be pregnant, and go through everything that entails, so it’s absolutely key that you have a strong support system in place. Surrogacy also starts with a screening process and a background check. There are several surrogacy mother requirements, including that a surrogate mother must have delivered a healthy baby before, and must not be over a certain age.

After you have completed the screening process, you will be entered onto a list, where you will wait for the agency to approach you when the need arises. After you’ve been approached, you will have an opportunity to meet with the couple so you can get to know each other before embarking on this journey. If you’re both satisfied, you will undergo a procedure to implant the fertilized egg and become a surrogate mother.

Making the Decision

There is no right or wrong decision – only you can decide what’s right for you. Consider your options, consult those close to you, then please contact us to learn more about becoming a surrogate mother or donating your eggs.

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