Egg Donation: What Type of Egg Donor am I?

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Considering egg donor arrangementEgg Donation is a big decision.  Once you have decided to donate your eggs, you must chose an egg donor arrangement.

There are three types of egg donor arrangements. You must decide which type of donor arrangement you would like before your profile is submitted to the intended parents. An egg donation can be completed by an Anonymous Egg Donor Arrangement, a Semi-Open Egg Donor Agreement, or by an Open Egg Donor Arrangement. Here are the differences between each donor arrangement.

Anonymous Egg Donor Arrangement

Anonymous Egg Donor Arrangement is the most common type of egg donation. In this arrangement, the recipient(s) receive no information about you. In return, you also receive no information about the recipient(s). In Anonymous Egg Donor Arrangement you may not, depending on the agreement, even be informed if a pregnancy occurs.

Semi-Open Egg Donor Arrangement

In a Semi-Open Egg Donor Agreement you will learn only basic information about the egg donation recipient. The basic information that you will learn about the recipient(s) include their name and state. During Semi-Open Egg Donor Agreement the recipient will also learn basic information about you, the egg donor, such as your name and state.

Open Egg Donor Arrangement

In an Open Egg Donor Arrangement, all information between parties will be shared. A line of communication between the donation recipient(s) and the egg donor must be kept open at all times. On occasion, depending on the donor agreement, this line of communication must be maintained throughout the life of the child(ren). With open egg donation, you the donor, are given the chance to review the intended parent(s) profile and learn about them. In some instances, if agreed upon by both parties, arrangements can be made to speak on the phone, or meet even meet in person.

There are many things you need to consider before choosing one of the above donor arrangements.

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