Getting started in Surrogacy

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You might be unsure of where to start if you are just considering the surrogacy process. there is so much misinformation and every Agency is telling you that they are the best Agency. Who should you believe? Where should you start? Simple Surrogacy seeks to educate and enlighten potential Intended Parents on the choices and decisions they will make throughout the process, and guide Intended Parents to the best choices that fir their lifestyle. There are many misconceptions about surrogacy and how to begin.

First, Simple Surrogacy recommends simple research. Google the Agency you are thinking of choosing and read all of the independent reviews that you can about them.  Many sites like Men Having babies and Google Plus have ratings and reviews, even of surrogacy Agencies. Make a chart (or ask them to provide you with one) showing how they compare to their competitors in terms of service and costs. Find out what is included in the price and what will be extra. Ask about wait times to be matched with a surrogate and what kind of average timeline they have. Finally, ask to speak to previous Intended parents who have recently been through a journey and set up a consultation with your narrowed down agencies to evaluate how personal they are with you. Who will be your contact person? Do you have access to actual decision makers, who will be available to you? Are you dealing with the owners, like at Simple Surrogacy? Or will you have to go up a ladder to reach any real decision-makers with any issues you might have?

There are many different kinds of Intended Parents, all of them welcome at our Agency. One of the first things we try to do is educate Intended Parents on how the process works. here are some points that many Intended Parents are often confused or misinformed about when they begin the process.

The process is going to cost what? Many assume Surrogacy is only for the wealthy, but with one of the lowest fees for nationally ranked surrogacy Agencies, Simple, Surrogacy tries to be as affordable as possible. Most Intended Parents have been saving or utilize financing plans like those offered on our web site. There are also programs like Men Having Babies where Parents can apply for assistance, and Simple Surrogacy also gives away free services often to assist.

The next item we are always asked is about the child giving up the baby. The surrogate does not want your baby, she already children and completely understands that she is helping another family to have this child. We fully evaluate all of our surrogates to make sure they are mentally prepared and ready to undertake the process of being a surrogate. Your surrogate enters into the process fully informed as to her duties by her attorney which is provided to her and will explain her duties and responsibilities. With a lavid, legally binding contract in place, there is no chance of her being granted custody, even should she attempt it, which has never happened in our program.

Many people also ask if their surrogates are poor or are doing this for the money. While the income is welcome and will definitely help their families, our surrogates come from all social and economic backgrounds and money is not their primary motivation.  They are stay at home moms, nurses, technology associates, even executives. They must not be on any kind of public assistance and must be living in a stable home to be acceptable in our program. She must be able to meet all of her obligations without any outside assistance and without factoring in the surrogacy compensation. So, while the money is helpful, the time and responsibility that goes into a great surrogacy could never be calculated just in terms of money.


Many people ask about the legality of surrogacy and which laws apply to them. In Surrogacy, the laws that come into play are those in a surrogate’s state, where the birth will take place. Intended parents who live in a less surrogate ‘friendly’ state would be matched wth a surrogate who will deliver in a surrogate friendly state and have the ability to utilize their laws.  Our intended parents come from all 50 states and many international countries. Your agency should be able to tell you which surrogacy friendly states will suit your particular situation, wether you are a married couple, a single man or woman, or a gay married couple, your ideal state will differ with each Intended Parent.

As one of the World’s leading Agencies, with an International reputation of trust and respect from our clients, Simple Surrogacy works with ever type of couple or single seeking to become parents, including traditional, gay or lesbian couples and individuals of all races, religious and ethnic backgrounds. We work with the best in all reproductive fields, including doctors, clinics, attorneys, and genetic specialists to ensure the smoothest process and healthiest baby for your budding family.

Simple Surrogacy is owned by a previous egg donor and previous surrogate, and all of our employees have experience in the Surrogacy world as previous surrogates, donors and Intended Parents. Because we have all experienced the worlds of Surrogacy and Egg Donation first hand, our unique experience and perspective will aid you in having a smoother, trouble free journey. With one of the fastest match times in the industry and a wealth of beautiful, trysted surrogates, we await your call to help you begin the road to parenthood today.

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