What Happens When Intended Parents Want a Known Egg Donor?

Posted on: March 16th, 2017 by Pearl Maguire No Comments

With the help of egg donation, hundreds of individuals are now able to start families of their own. It takes an extraordinary and caring woman to consider giving such an enormous gift. What seemed like an impossible task is now achievable with this alternative path to parenthood.

Becoming an egg donor is not an easy decision. When women make the decision to become an egg donor, it is usually under anonymous circumstances. However, some women actually request to meet the Intended Parents. Take a look at some of the rewarding benefits of becoming a known donor:

Involvement in the Child’s Life

To start, depending on the arrangement that you have with the Intended Parents, becoming a known donor is an amazing opportunity to be involved in the child’s life. Whether through photos, videos, live chats, or in person visitations – you’ll be able to witness the child grow up and develop an unbreakable biological bond with the baby.

Develop a Relationship with the Intended Parents

Additionally, making the decision to become a known donor enables you to develop a long-lasting relationship with the Intended Parents. This relationship continues into life, beyond the pregnancy and does not end after the donation process occurs. Moreover, not only will you walk away knowing you’ve helped a couple in need, you could also potentially walk away with a life long friendship.

Learning Experience

Furthermore, before becoming a parent yourself, becoming a known egg donor enables you to learn more about the basics of parenting first hand. You’ll also get to learn more about various fertility options and you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about your own body. This is very beneficial to those women who have yet to bear their own children as it allows them to gain parenting experience without full committed responsibility.

Self –Fulfillment

Lastly, being able to witness a couple achieve their dreams of parenthood through your selfless act is an indescribable feeling. Seeing how your generosity had the ability to complete a family is a rewarding experience on its own.

Known donation is not for everybody, but it is something you should definitely keep in mind. If you are thinking about becoming an egg donor, visit Simple Donations today to see if you’re qualified and to learn about what the process entails.

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