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Surrogacy, no matter if you are the surrogate or the intended parent, is a life changing event. Regardless of the method that you chose, the end result is bringing a child into the world, and into your home. There are many things to consider and plenty of research to be done, which can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. We want to take the burden of researching and choosing a Surrogacy Agency off your shoulders. There is no better way to learn about us, our methods and our mission than from the intended parents and the surrogates themselves.

Intended Parents

Nancy and Jim from Massachusetts used Simple Surrogacy to find a surrogate. Nancy and Jim raved that Simple Surrogacy “found us the most amazing surrogate who is now like a member of our family.” Nancy and Jim continue that at Simple Surrogacy “you are not just a “client”…they make you feel as though you are a friend.” Nancy and Jim are now “the proud parents of almost 2 year old twins”.

After several failed attempts at having children, Rochelle and Jake from Denver chose Simple Surrogacy. They now want other parents “to know that there is hope no matter what you have been through trying to have a baby.”

Amy L. from Dallas claims that “Finding Simple Surrogacy was the best thing that could have happened” to her. She was impressed with the service, mentioning that she was contacted “less than an hour after I sent my first email” to discuss her needs. During the phone consultation between her and her surrogate, an expert “stayed on the line to make sure all of our questions were answered and that the conversation moved swiftly.” Amy goes on to say “the entire process of IVF and surrogacy can be a little daunting to say the least.” She however found reassurance and friendship that helped her get through the process and that Simple Surrogacy was “the helping hand that you will surely need along the way.”


Jasmine from Washington chose to become a surrogate through Simple Surrogacy. She “would love to help another family achieve their goals of becoming parents” and plans “to be a surrogate again in the future.” Jasmine also mentioned that she “couldn’t imagine going through any agency other than Simple Surrogacy”

K. from Arizona chose to be a surrogate before she contacted Simple Surrogacy. She “went into surrogacy with the notion that it would just be something I would get through.” K. however found that “Simple Surrogacy gave me a whole new sense of self-worth during my surrogacy.”


Simple Surrogacy will stop at no lengths to ensure all those who choose to use or services are treated with respect, are educated on the topic, and ultimately feel comfortable at every stage of surrogacy. If you have more questions about Simple Surrogacy, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our educated and eager staff would be happy to assist you!

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