Reasons to Consider Becoming an Egg Donor

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The decision to become an egg donor is often tied to number of common misconceptions. The most prevalent, and potentially damaging, of these misconceptions is the assumption that egg donors are primarily seeking financial gain.

What to consider when becoming an egg donor?

While the financial incentives associated with egg donation are indisputable, however, one would be wrong to ignore the myriad of intrinsic motivators that drive the decision to donate. After all, egg donation is an integral part of the surrogacy process, a process that ultimately aims to provide intended parents with the means through which they can fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

The decision to become an egg donor is one that requires much research and consideration. From the strict schedules to the doctor’s visits, the need for a measure of long-term dedication is unquestionable. The outcome of the process is, however,  one that is worthy of the short-term sacrifices a woman may be required to make. If you’re considering becoming an egg donor, the non-monetary reasons to undergo the process are worth considering.

At its core, egg donation provides the means through which a new life can be created and, by extension, a new family can be made. For this reason alone, the process is worth every consideration. The value of providing aspiring parents, whether they’re couples struggling with fertility or LGBT couples who require surrogacy to have a child of their own, with a means through which they may realize their dreams of parenthood is priceless.

Additionally, the sense of empowerment that comes with learning about your own body through the egg donor process is invaluable. The amalgamation of medical tests prospective donors must undergo to ensure they are qualified for their role end up providing them with a comprehensive overview of their bodies and overall state of health. This newfound awareness is often an unanticipated benefit of the process.  

The knowledge that you are positively impacting the lives of others, and the sense of pride it can instill are both encouraging side effects of the egg donor process.

With Simple Surrogacy, you can add the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have decided to undergo the process with an industry leader that will always bear your comfort and care in mind.


If you’re interested in learning more about the egg donor process, please contact our Executive Program Director, Stephanie Scott, for a consultation today.

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