Restrictions on Surrogacy Often Leave Hopeful Parents Looking Towards International Surrogacy

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Legal restrictions on surrogacy often leave hopeful parents looking towards international surrogacy.

As young adults, many people look forward to having children of their own, and all the joy that comes with a new baby. For some, however, this is not an option. Some couples cannot conceive their own children because of medical issues, while others may not be able to have their own children because of sexual orientation. Whatever the case may be, many couples still dream of having children.  

Being able to raise a child of your own can bring great happiness and joy into your life, a joy which every person who desires it, should be able to obtain.

Many couples who cannot have children of their own often turn to surrogacy. Surrogacy, however, is banned in many countries, like Australia, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden and others.

Unfortunately, many developing countries are at the top of the list for hopeful parents, because of the reduced costs.  Developing countries may not be able to offer your surrogate and your baby the best healthcare, or the country may work against you in obtaining parental rights to your child. An article about surrogacy in Cambodia suggested some surrogate mothers in developing nations could be part of human trafficking.

India used to be the top choice for low cost surrogacy, and has now banned foreign surrogacy. Mexico, Thailand and Nepal have all been at the top of the list at some point or another. Subsequently, each of these countries have now banned foreign surrogacy.

At Simple Surrogacy, the process of international surrogacy has been made much easier, and safer. Based in the United States, with many states that support gestational surrogacy, Simple Surrogacy can ensure that intended parents will not have any problems attaining the parental rights to their child.

We work with many clinics around the country, and can offer discounted rates. With a list of doctors and clinics on hand, we can assure your surrogate and baby will receive the best care possible.

Surrogacy is also more openly supported in the United States, opposed to developing nations—meaning your surrogate will be supported and safe within her community.

With Simple Surrogacy, you get to be a part of your baby’s life right from the beginning. You will need to come to the United States for your initial screening, meeting your surrogate, the 20-week ultrasound and of course, the birth of your baby. Simple Surrogacy will work with you to get your baby’s birth certificate and U.S. passport for international travel.

Simple Surrogacy will allow you peace of mind, knowing your surrogate and baby are in the best of care.

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