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Simple Surrogacy’s Annual Get Together

Simple Surrogacy and Simple Donations held their annual (and sometimes bi-annual) get together at Maggianos Little Italy at Northpark on September 17th. Simple Surrogacy likes to host these get-togethers from time to time so that we can catch up with our wonderful old clients and see their adorable children, and also so that we can introduce our new prospective clients to our staff and they can meet clients who have been through the program before them.

The chance for a potential IP to meet a client who has been through our program is priceless. For many potential clients, they feel like they are the only people they know who are going through the process, or they have done general research, but never actually spoken to someone who has gone through a surrogacy. It is extremely helpful for these potential clients to not only know and see Simple Surrogacy’s successful clients and their children, but to also see that even though the road to parenthood through surrogacy can be long, it is ultimately very rewarding to achieve it!

Another benefit to our get-togethers is Intended Parent’s opportunity to mingle with current and former surrogates, and see how they interact with their former and current IP’s. For many potential IPs, the surrogate’s reasons for being a surrogate are sometimes a challenge to understand. They also wonder about the relationships that will form between themselves and their surrogates, both during and after the surrogacy journey. Speaking with the surrogates helps relieve many of these worries, and in some cases, even facilitates future matches among our Surrogates and IP’s! We have had Intended Parents tell us that in speaking with a surrogate and seeing how family oriented, compassionate and generous they all are, they gained the confidence to undertake the surrogacy journey for themselves.

I speak for myself when I say that it was a great pleasure to meet both our Surrogates and Intended Parents in person, and get the chance to relax and dine together for a few hours. I already can’t wait for the next get-together which will be in the spring! I know we’ll welcome many more babies to the Simple Surrogacy family by then, and I will get the chance to cuddle with even more tiny bundles of joy! Thank you again to our wonderful staff, Surrogates and clients who were able to join us, we cherish each and every one of you!-Stephanie Scott

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