Surrogacy 101: How to become an Intended Parent through Surrogacy

Posted on: July 6th, 2012 by Simple Surrogacy

This blog continues our series on Surrogacy information for Intended Parents, Surrogates and egg donors.

Surrogacy 101: Becoming an Intended Parent

The process of Surrogacy can be long and confusing, and who you choose to guide you through it is the most important decision that you will make. To become a Simple Surrogacy Intended parent, we require that you meet certain criteria. These include:

      • Be Honest
      • No criminal history, able to pass a background check
      • Complete paperwork fully
      • Financially stable
      • Be respectful of Surrogate’s time and commitment
      • Between the ages of 21-60
      • Be in a stable living situation
      • Have the support of your spouse or partner (when applicable)
      • Not be on public assistance
      • Have read and understand the Surrogacy process
      • Be willing to undergo a Psychological Assessment

Simple Surrogacy does not discriminate against any person desiring to be a parent, regardless of gender, race, age, religious affiliation, fertility issue, marital status or sexual orientation.  We work with every Intended Parent who can meet the above criteria and has a genuine desire for a family. This series will explore the steps and journey to becoming an Intended Parent.

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