Surrogacy 101: Legal process

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Surrogacy 101: Legal process


Once medical/psychological screening has been completed, you will enter into the Legal Phase. We will help negotiate the contractual terms and fees associated with your agreement to ensure all parties are on the same page before the Agreements are drafted. If you entered into our Legal Included Program for TX residents or those matched in TX, then you have already paid the legal fees for the contract drafting and review of the contracts. You’ll pay the attorneys directly for the Validation and/or post-birth legal work.

If you have not entered into the Legal Included program, then we will refer you to excellent associate attorneys who will draft the legal contracts as relevant to the state of your residence and surrogacy. In that case, legal fees are paid directly to the attorney you retain. The legal phase typically lasts 6 weeks.  During that time, the contract will be drafted, and the attorneys will review with you and with your surrogate. After review, you will sign and notarize the contracts.

Once signed and notarized, the legal process will differ for you depending on the state of the surrogacy contract, the marital status of the Intended Parents, and the terms of your surrogacy contract. We will help you to navigate the post-contract legal process to insure ease following the birth.

Once all parties have signed the Agreements, you will  fully fund the escrow account, and then the Clinic will give you a calendar for cycle medication starts.

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