Surrogacy 101: One Surrogate’s Birth Story

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Surrogacy 101: One Surrogate’s Birth Story

This article continues our series on informational articles about surrogacy.

The Birth of your baby by your Surrogate will be an emotional experience for all. Below is the story of a Surrogate’s birth experience and her surrogacy journey.

I got into surrogacy to help a couple become a family.  My husband and I have seen some family members of mine suffer through infertility.  We saw the pain that they went through and the want that they had we for children.  After we had finished our family and had our last child, we decided it was our time to help another couple become a family.  We searched many companies and did lots of research on all the companies out there and all that is involved in Surrogacy.  We found Simple Surrogacy, I filled out the application and I was accepted and matched with in a week and 1/2.  I was totally shocked; I thought it would take much longer and that we would be waiting forever.   I was sent the profile to the most wonderful Intended parents in the world.  Well at least I believe so.  We had our phone consult the week of Thanksgiving; I was so excited that whole day for the phone call.  We got on the call and we clicked right a way, we had a lot of the same interest and the parents were so nice, and just truly wanted to be parents and I just wanted to help them become parents. We decided to move forward and they became my intended parents.

Over the next several months we began a relationship and grew to knew each other.  We sent emails back and forth called each other and even Skyped.  It was so nice getting to know them.  It was like getting new family members.  They have included us in their lives and us in theirs.  As the baby grew I would call them after each appointment and send them weekly photos, as well and heart beats from each appointments.  I tried to included them in as much as I possibly could  with out them being here. They came to the 5-month sonogram to find out what they were having and that was a wonderful week that they were here.  We just hung out and spent time together and went to the appointment they were so excited to find out that they were having a boy.  Yay so now time to buy baby boy things. When they went home I still would send them regular updates, and when it was time for the baby to come they once again came back to stay for a little while.

To me one of the most unforgettable things when your child is born is their 1st cry, and those big eyes looking around, so for me that was the most important thing for me for my intended parents to hear that cry when their baby was born.  I felt it was important for them to be in the room when the baby was born and just to be there and witness those 1st Innocent moments of their 1st baby’s life.  I had one of the parent’s cut the baby’s cord also.  To me that was the best moment of the entire process just seeing their faces, the joy of the moment of them seeing their baby for the first time. it was truly magical. That was worth all the shots, the heart burn all the swelling, all the discomfort all of it.  It was the best day ever, and I would do it all over in a heartbeat.  In the end they thanked me and were grateful that I allowed them in the room they had no idea about the joy of birth till it had happened, I would not have had it any other way.

I was truly blessed with the best Intended Parents ever, I love them so much and they are now are part of my family.  They send us pictures all the time still and we get to see the baby grow and get bigger.  They are the best parents ever and I wish them nothing but happiness.

Melissa J., Simple Surrogacy Surrogate

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