How Surrogacy Can Help Others Achieve Parenthood

Posted on: February 23rd, 2017 by Pearl Maguire No Comments

There is no question that the gift of life is an amazing and rewarding experience. However, life is full of unexpected events and sometimes throws challenges at you that are hard to understand and accept. Not being able to have a child of your own can cause many heartaches, but to hopeful mothers and fathers everywhere, there is the option of surrogacy. The question is, would you allow someone else carry your baby?

Over the last few years, surrogacy has become a popular option for women; yet it is still a controversial topic to many. Putting your body through pregnancy is no easy task, and of course, you must also say goodbye to the baby once it is born.  It is easy to point out the challenges and negatives that come with Surrogacy, but, have you really thought about the benefits of becoming a surrogate?

Giving something is just as important as receiving something. For those who cannot build a family on their own, it is an amazing gift and humbling to be the one who creates that dream for them.


Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Emotional Benefits

Families of all backgrounds deserve to experience the gift of life. Surrogacy works the same way for heterosexual, LGBTQ, and families from around the world. Surrogates have the opportunity to decide who they would like to work with and create a bond with. It takes a compassionate and selfless woman to be a surrogate. 

Physical Benefits

The emotional aspect of being a surrogate is difficult, but your heart may actually feel happier also! Some surrogates experience cardiovascular health benefits and studies show that the risk of heart disease is reduced after pregnancy.

As a surrogate you are not only giving the gift of life but are giving a gift to yourself. Beyond the benefits to your heart, being a surrogate has other health benefits. Many surrogates gain and maintain healthy habits while being a surrogate mother. While being pregnant you begin to adopt other healthy behaviors, like cutting out caffeine and eating more balanced meals. These habits begin early on in the pregnancy and can transfer to part of a woman’s natural health behaviors.

Being a parent is a special title and as a surrogate you can give that title to any hopeful parents out there. Surrogacy has its hardships, but also comes with many benefits and personal rewards. If you are looking to participating in the selfless act of surrogacy, contact us today!

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