How Surrogacy Impacts Relationships

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shutterstock_521117749Surrogacy is a form of assisted third party reproduction in which a woman agrees to carry a child for a couple who is unable to conceive on their own.

Deciding on surrogacy is not an easy decision to make, so getting your family and friends on board with the idea could be the solution for a stress-free and successful pregnancy. Becoming a surrogate mother is a life-changing event that affects you and your family, so even before filling out the application, be sure to inform your loved ones. Inform them on the reasoning behind your decision to become a surrogate, and listen to their feelings and opinions. Your family’s concerns may sometimes seem selfish, but in reality they may be mainly concerned about your health and well-being.

Although it may seem like a personal decision, think about how this decision will affect your children and partner in the long run. Whether it’s medical check-ups or travelling distances to meet with the prospective parents, your family will have to make sacrifices with you along the way. While you are pregnant there will be limited activity and shifts in responsibility. Thus, it’s important to communicate with each other and keep your partner involved. Your significant other may be skeptical , thinking something like “you’re carrying another man’s baby.” Through gestational surrogacy, there is no genetic ties between you and the baby. However, it is best to reassure your partner that you are giving a child to a couple in need and remind them about the financial benefits that will ultimately help you and your family. Finally, you should also consult your children and assure them that there is no emotional attachment to the baby. Typically, children of surrogate mothers do not experience negative consequences from their decision to become a surrogate and are very supportive of their mother’s new role.

After applying to become a surrogate, new relationships are formed as well. These relationships are usually valued and sustained in the long run. Surrogates often chose to maintain contact with the intended parents and often meet throughout the year.  47% of children keep in touch with their surrogate mother and have reported having a great relationship with her.

Ultimately, becoming a surrogate is not a simple decision. Consulting your family and loved ones is a great idea. Talk it through with them and ensure you have the support system you need during the next nine months.

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