The Rise of Social Surrogacy

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An Interesting trend is rising in the Surrogacy world, and that is “Social Surrogacy.” Though not legal in texas under the Statutes, many other states make no distinction between a woman using a Surrogate because of infertile issues, and one using a surrogate because she is unwilling to pause her career or lifestyle to carry a baby to term.

Surrogacy, once reserved for women with fertility complications, is now being used by women who wish to skip the grueling nine-month ordeal — either to protect their career, preserve their fit bodies, or dodge the labor pains, The Daily Mail reports.

It’s called “social surrogacy,” when women opt to have another woman carry their biological children “based on personal reasons rather than medical necessity,” CBS Philly adds. And it’s on the rise.

“I call these cases designer surrogacy,” said Dr. Lorni Arnold, a San Diego-based fertility doctor. His patients have included a socialite who “didn’t want to get fat” and a jogger who wanted to run a marathon.

“We have people who are afraid of being pregnant,” said Dr. Saira Jhutty, CEO of Conceptual Options, a San Diego-based fertility clinic. “Some people work in an industry where image is very important so they don’t want to have to go through the changes that happen to a woman’s body when they get pregnant.”

Jhutty also noted that there are a handful of professional women who are fearful that pregnancy may interfere with their careers. Take Mari Smith, 36, for example, a wedding photographer whose career finally kicked off:

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