Why you need a Great Agency to help your Surrogacy

Posted on: January 21st, 2014 by Simple Surrogacy No Comments

An Interesting article published today in the Daily mail, a UK newspaper, highlights just how challenging it can be for couples and surrogates to try to negotiated the world of surrogacy without a guide. A lovely, giving surrogate decided to help a UK couple, only to try over 5 different couples before getting a successful pregnancy. Her journey includes people who dropped out for financial reasons, people who changed their minds only after she began injections to have the pregnancy, and even a sad miscarriage.

For Surrogates to match on their own, without a trusted agency on their side, her journey is not really news, her experiences are common. For Intended Parents in the UK, there is a waiting list of couples who need a surrogate, and who struggle with the cost. I invite those couples to investigate surrogacy in the US with Simple Surrogacy, a trusted and affordable surrogacy journey, guided by experts.


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